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            Hydraulic press    
            Shearing machine
            Bending machine
            Lapping machine
            An open-book leve…
            Street lamp power…
            Laser cutting machine
            Grooving machine
            Press (hydraulic pr…
            Edge milling machine
            Profile bending mac…
            System of pipeline
Technical parameters
How to choose and bending…
Special CNC bending machin…
Hydraulic bending machine…
Bending machine usage
Structure and characterist…
Hydraulic bending machine
Focus on the customer
Hydraulic press (hydraul…
Leveling machine part of…
Brake type shearing mac…
Machine part of the user
Shearing machine part of…
Bending machine part of…
Multiple water machine…
Company profile
      Jiangsu zhongwei heavy industry machinery co., LTD., formerly known as in nantong machine tool co., LTD is located in the economically developed Yangtze river delta is the most developed city in China - nantong haian development zone, the main production machine, hydraulic press, hydraulic press), shearing machine, bending machine, steel billet shears, open-book leveling lines, etc., the company was founded in the 1970 s, is located in the coastal high-speed haian exports a kilometers, covering an area of more than 100000 square meters, registered capital of $3 million, fixed assets of 50 million yuan, existing staff 300 people, ......
The latest supply
315Spot supply tons of hydraulic press
630Spot supply tons of hydraulic press
315Spot supply tons of hydraulic press
Spot supply
we spot supply various types of machine tool
Spot supply W11S - 60 * 3200 on roller universal machine
Spot supply W11S - 16 the x2500 on roller universal machine
Spot supply W11-12 x2000 mechanical lapping machine

Industry dynamic
Honorary certificate
Company news
(2) a single value, zhongwei signed are large bending machine more than ten million yuan
He signed with working in wei 1600 t Marine hydraulic press
Address : Haian county, jiangsu province development zone, 31 haiphong road
The phone: 0513-88216522
Fax: 0513-80260027
The url: www.uctofx.live
Email: [email protected]
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specializing in the production Hydraulic press Lapping machine Hydraulic press Shearing machine


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